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syngo MammoReport offers true multi-modality – whether 2D or 3D
syngo® MammoReport is your key to multi-modality reading and reporting. It is independent from modality or vendor and enables you to display DICOM images from any other relevant source without difficulties.

2D it for routine – fast for mammography screening
Especially designed for high-throughput screening, syngo MammoReport allows fast reading and reporting. It is ideally suited for double reading and enables you to scroll quickly and easily through multiple priors. It comes with a simple, intuitive user interface and provides a dedicated keypad supporting high-speed reading. Moreover, syngo Mammo Report offers extremely fast image loading.

2D it for routine – Flexible for diagnostic mammography
syngo MammoReport was designed with your diagnostic confidence in mind. Whether spot, magnification or biopsy images, the breast care workplace offers the right tools for quick and easy evaluation. And, you can set up your own course of evaluating mammograms, for example by pre-defining your preferred order of projections. 2D ultrasound images and CAD can also be included to match your breast care workflow.

3D it for more – 3D Breast Ultrasound with ABVS Workplace
With syngo MammoReport, the ABVS Workplace takes analysis and reporting of 3D ultrasound data offline. A range of diagnostic tools helps you spend less time with the volume and more time with the clinical information it contains. The ABVS Workplace offers five standard orientations: transverse, sagittal, coronal, radial, and anti-radial. The coronal view provides a comprehensive view from the skin line to the chest wall, which facilitates surgery planning.

3D it for more – Breast MRI with syngo BreVis
syngo BreVis is our dedicated Breast MRI application for flexible breast reading and reporting. It is easy to use, fast, and reliable. Quick pre-processing and precise motion correction allow a confident real-time analysis of 3D Breast MRI images. Intelligent visualization of 2D, 3D and 4D datasets according to customized layouts support you in your work.

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