High Definition Breast Tomosynthesis

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High Definition Breast Tomosynthesis
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Wide-angle breast tomosynthesis

Breast cancer has no place to hide


Our wide-angle breast tomosynthesis is breakthrough technology that introduces a new level of confidence in breast cancer detection and diagnosis. It delivers:

  • The widest angle for image acquisition at 50 degrees
  • Image acquisition at every 2 degrees of the arc, for 25 total images
  • A reconstruction of those images in a 3D volume for better depth resolution and clarity


This is important, especially for women with dense breast tissue, where tumors are hard to find with 2D mammograms. Our 3D breast tomosynthesis solution can detect tumors hidden by overlapping tissue, provide better diagnosis than standard 2D mammography alone, and limit false-positive findings.


Why go wide?
Because the number of projection images and the angular range of the breast tomosynthesis system directly affect the quality of the resulting 3D image. Optimizing both criteria, Siemens offers physicians an excellent diagnostic basis.