High Definition Breast Tomosynthesis

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High Definition Breast Tomosynthesis
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EMPIRE technology is approved as a 3D-only exam; it also includes Insight 2D and 3D, the industry’s first synthetic software-generated visualization of tomosynthesis volumes in both 2D and 3D.

Insight 2D is the only synthetic mammogram with a 50o scan angle and a High Definition Breast Tomosynthesis. It allows breast imagers to obtain a 2D image from the EMPIRE 3D image set, providing them with a navigational support tool to their 3D-only exams without subjecting patients to added dose.

  • Better assessment of breast composition and density
  • Easy comparisons to prior FFDM (2D) images
  • Improved micro calcification detection while retaining morphology integrity
  • Image quality that rivals FFDM (2D) images


Insight 3D is a Siemens-unique 3D display that adds new depth to breast anatomy visualization.

  • A more comprehensive understanding of your findings
  • With superior sensitivity for microcalcifications1

Become the institution of choice for referring physicians and patients by providing more comprehensive tomosynthesis examinations at a lower dose.