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High Definition Breast Tomosynthesis

The difference is plain to see

Watch this video to take the cookie challenge, and see the difference of a wide tomo angle.

We applied our 50o tomosynthesis and the competition’s 15o tomosynthesis to a set of ABC cookies. Watch the video to see which cookies crumbled!


Good things happen when we see our world in high definition. What was once indistinguishable comes into clearer focus. 


That’s the power of High Definition Breast Tomosynthesis.

  • See the difference with EMPIRE, iterative and machine-learning algorithms that heighten sensitivity to detection
  • See the difference with Insight, the first synthetic software-generated visualization of 2D and 3D tomo volumes
  • See the difference with the widest tomo angle at 50 degrees, and the first DBT solution approved for 3D-only exams

Click here to learn how high definition breast tomosynthesis leaves breast cancer no place to hide.

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