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Optimized Workflow
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Patient registration

Once the patient is registered at the patient registration desk, the associated data is retrieved from the HIS/RIS by the Acquisition Workstation (AWS) via DICOM Modality Worklist. All patient information, such as previous exams and reports from other modalities, can then be accessed from the AWS. In addition, the AWS supports virtually all DICOM 3.0 functions, seamlessly integrating your data management process into the HIS/RIS world.

Image acquisition

With the predefined procedures set at the AWS, the patient is positioned and the exposure is taken at a MAMMOMAT digital mammography system.

Image processing and image quality check

After the exposure is taken, the image is transferred to the Acquisition Workstation (AWS), where it is displayed for the technologist to review before moving on to the next exposure. This can reduce the examination time per patient as well as recall rates. Images from the AWS are sent to the storage management system and/or the syngo.Breast Care or syngo MammoReport breast care workplaces.

Reading and reporting

Physicians can review and evaluate acquired images and prepare diagnostic reports on the syngo.Breast Care or syngo MammoReport breast care workplaces.syngo.Breast Care is the client-server application for state-of-the-art mammography reading. With syngo.Breast Care, mammography and multi-modality 3D/4D images are intelligently combined in one workplace. syngo MammoReport allows all steps of the reading and reporting process to be individually tailored to meet your needs. Images and previous examinations from other modalities, including MR and Ultrasound, can be viewed on syngo MammoReport, as well as mammograms from third-party vendors.

Data management

Throughout the examination, information can be retrieved from the storage system and/or documented on film or paper. Storage management enables long-term storage of the medical case.


The MAMMOMAT systems can be integrated with virtually any storage management system — independent of the manufacturer. Siemens offers a wide range of storage management solutions to meet an institution's needs for low, medium, or high patient volume.

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