Stereotactic Biopsy with MAMMOMAT Inspiration

Easy & Effortless shift to biopsy

Stereotactic Biopsy with MAMMOMAT Inspiration
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Intelligent & Intuitive - Straightforward and guided procedure
The stereotactic biopsy system guides the operator intuitively through the entire procedure. The tube angulation is controlled directly from the workstation. After selecting the target, the needle-holder moves automatically to the right position. This reduces work steps and speeds up the procedure without compromising on diagnostic confidence

Easy & Efficient - Effortless shift to biopsy
For biopsy, no additional workstation is required. The entire procedure can be controlled through the single compact-sized Acquisition Workstation that features the familiar syngo® user interface. The biopsy unit of MAMMOMAT Inspiration weighs less than five kilograms, which makes it particularly easy to handle and thus speeds up the preparation time for biopsy.

Lateral and Vertical Needle Access
Due to a vertical and lateral needle approach, lesions close to the chest wall can be accessed much more easily. In addition the system supports a large variety of needle types currently available.

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