Tim Benefits

Tim is a Siemens-unique technology which seamlessly integrates a high number of coil elements with a high number of RF channels.


Select exams, not coils.
Adaptable, versatile, in a word - easy. You can configure Tim's lightweight Matrix coils any way you want, tailored to the anatomy or clinical question you're interested in. So, in a single patient exam, you can build your own special coil set-up. And then, with just one mouse click, change coils to perform a comprehensive assessment of the entire disease rather than a single body region - because pathology does not stop at the end of a coil. You can even plug in up to ten coils simultaneously. Speeding patient set-up and eliminating the need to constantly move dedicated coils.
Advantage:  Improved workflow and increased productivity.



Local and Total.
With extreme, pinpointed precision, Tim's 32 independent RF channels and up to 102 Matrix coil elements deliver unprecedented image quality. Without a detail lost. Whether you're scanning the smallest lesions or focusing on multiple organs, joints, the entire central nervous system, or even the whole body. By exploiting maximum SNR (signal-to-noise ratio), Tim eliminates the typical limitations of both local and whole-body MR imaging.
Advantage:  Answer all clinical questions with Tim; from a local pathology such as orbital imaging up to the investigation of multiple sclerosis or cancer metastasis throughout the body.



Parallel in all directions.
Tim was designed for superior Parallel Imaging. It's the ultimate technology for optimized iPAT (integrated Parallel Acquisition Techniques) in all directions. Enabling the highest acquisition speed without sacrificing spatial or temporal resolution. Imagine. You can now actually cut image time down, yet scan at a higher resolution. Even in breathhold sequences.
With Tim's highest number of coil elements and independent RF channels, you can enjoy PAT factors of up to 16.
Advantage:  Shorter scan and examination times and greatly increased patient throughput.