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Growth with Body MRI
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A Portfolio of Motion-Reduction Technology – Eliminating breath holds all together
The abdominal MR exam also requires other contrasts – and MAGNETOM MR systems from Siemens offer a variety of standard techniques to get the diagnostic information you need from patients with limited breath-holding capability.

(Half-Fourier Acquisition with Single Shot Turbo Spin Echo)
Takes about one second per slice to produce T2-weighted images or thick slab cholangiography exams. iPAT compatible.

(Prospective Acquisition CorrEction)
Detect and correct for respiratory motion with this in-line software-based motion correction, eliminates need to position belts or bellows on the patient.


Software-based motion correction

Use 3D SPACE with 2D PACE for high-resolution, free breathing gall bladder, pancreatic duct, and biliary tree imaging. The patient is able to breathe at their own rate, increasing comfort and compliance.


Free breathing, high resolution cholangio;
No belts or bellows for technologists to position

Echo planar imaging for body diffusion. iPAT compatible. Inline ADC maps give indication of mobility of water in the tissue.


Standard Body Diffusion.
B50, PAT2, 6mm, 192 matrix
0.03 sec per slice

In-plane motion correction with Turbo Spin Echo sequences for T1-weighted, T2-weighted, dark fluid, or STIR imaging. Can be combined with iPAT, Fat Sat and can be used with all coils throughout the body.


Free breathing; Crisp delineation of liver ducts.

Blurring of liver ducts