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TimTX TrueShape
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Conventional MR imaging uses one RF pulse. In higher field strengths (3T) this may lead to shading artifacts. In 2007 Siemens introduced TimTX TrueForm as the B1 shimming solution. TimTX TrueForm uses different amplitudes to reduce shading artifacts and increase image quality.

Now, with TimTX TrueShape, you can shape your pulse freely with two independent RF transmit channels to achieve a whole new degree of freedom in MR imaging.

TimTX TrueShape is designed to bring you:

Higher image quality

  • Less distortions, less blurring
  • Higher B1 homogeneity due to zooming
  • Better fat saturation
  • Less motion and flow artifacts
  • Increased spatial resolution in region of interest

Higher speed

  • Shorter echo trains
  • Shorter scan time due to fewer phase-encoding steps


Future security





TimTX TrueShape – Enabling the first of a broad range of applications for clinical use.




TimTX TrueForm – The solution for B1 shimming.





Conventional transmit – Shading artifacts in higher field-strengths may occur