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Anticipate challenges before they happen
with BioMatrix Sensors

There are few things worse in MRI than discovering that during the exam, the patient is unable to hold the breath. The effects can vary from poor image quality and rescans, all the way to potential recalls. BioMatrix Sensors utilize seamlessly integrated sensors to acquire and display the patient’s respiration data automatically. Then, the optimal exam strategy (e.g., with full free-breathing Compressed Sensing GRASP-VIBE1), can be selected.

BioMatrix Sensors capture physiological characteristics of the patient and allow users to anticipate challenging situations before they arise. The new ultra-high density BioMatrix spine coils utilize seamlessly integrated respiratory sensors to acquire and display the patient’s respiration data without any user interaction. Knowing a patient's breath-hold capability enables the user to choose the right exam strategy.

Find out how the BioMatrix Sensors work:

All benefits of BioMatrix Sensors at a glance:

  • Automatically detect respiratory signal as soon as the patient is on the table
  • Determine the optimal exam strategy before the scan begins
  • No need for respiratory bellows or navigators

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