MRI for Kids: Information for Parents

Your child’s well-being is at the heart of everything you do

At Siemens, we marvel every day at the courage, strength, and tenacity of the world’s children as they encounter healthcare challenges. And we wanted to help. That’s why we created the MRI Heroes Kit - to help kids understand what MRI scanners do and better prepare for an MRI examination.

What is the MRI Heroes Kit?

Available at participating hospitals and imaging facilities, the MRI Heroes Kit includes:

Educational comic books

Featuring Marvel Super Heroes 

  • Explains in simple language what an MRI is and how it works, so that your child can be better prepared for his or her exam
  • Read to your children and address their questions and concerns
  • Pass the time reading while in the waiting room


Educational video

Takes your child through the process of what happens during an MRI exam

  • Explains the imaging process in kid-friendly manner through the eyes of a child


Superhero capes and comforting items

Help pediatric patients feel special and brave

  • Children can dress as a superhero2
  • Children can hold onto a superhero plush toy

MRI mock-up model

Kids can see, hear and feel

  • Staff can use the mock MRI to help educate children on the imaging process
  • Usually located in the hospital‘s play area
  • MRI imaging sounds are generated with the press of a button



As part of our MRIamahero! program, the MRI Heroes Kit is designed to help reduce your child’s anxiety. Together with healthcare providers, we’re working to make MRI exams as easy and as informative as possible.

Ask your doctor about the MRI Heroes Kit.

The MRIamahero! program is provided by Siemens in collaboration with Weill Cornell Imaging at NewYork-Presbyterian and Marvel Custom Solutions.


1Superhero cape should not be worn during an MRI exam.