MAGNETOM RT Pro edition for MAGNETOM Vida

The time is now for MR in RT – with BioMatrix.

MAGNETOM RT Pro edition for MAGNETOM Vida
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In addition to BioMatrix technology, the MAGNETOM Vida has an all-new magnet and system architecture to support a precise and reproducible RT planning phase. A range of dedicated RT immobilization devices and new coils make patient positioning fast and easy. Thanks to a patient-friendly, 70-cm bore, the positioning equipment fits easily into the scanner for a smooth and efficient workflow.

Components of MAGNETOM RT Pro edition for MAGNETOM Vida

Tim 4G coils (Flex Large 4, Body 18 Long)Siemens HealthineersRequired
Tim 4G coils (UltraFlex Large 18)Siemens HealthineersRecommended
BioMatrix coils (Spine 32 or Spine 72)Siemens HealthineersRequired
BioMatrix Dockable tableSiemens HealthineersRequired
RT Positioning PackageCIVCO, Orfit, QfixRequired
External laser systemsLAPRecommended for
virtual simulation


Tim 4G coil and BioMatrix coil arrangements for radiation therapy imaging

RecommendedAlternative 1Alternative 2Alternative 1Alternative 2Alternative 1Alternative 2
Flex Large 42x  x2x   
Interfaces2x  2x   
Body 18 Long   x x1x or 2x 
Spine 32 or 72    xxxx
UltraFlex Large 18 2x  2x 1x or 2x
Head coil holdersx   x   
Body coil bridge    xxxx


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