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Simultaneous MR and PET imaging.

Biograph mMR
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Biograph mMR sets a new standard. As the only system that can simultaneously acquire MR and PET data across the whole body, it is a tremendous leap forward in imaging capabilities. Opening new doors in the diagnosis and understanding of disease. Fully supporting you from detection and planning through monitoring and follow-up.

High precision by true simultaneity: a comprehensive diagnostic picture in only one scan

Biograph mMR shows MR and PET data in virtually seamless spatial alignment. In addition, the MR acquisition can be used to correct for motion-related effects in PET, greatly improving image quality.

Spatial alignment

  • Precise alignment of MR and PET through simultaneous acquisition
  • One frame of reference
  • Minimal motion artifacts
  • Exact spatial registration


Minimizing the effects of motion

  • Biograph mMR helps eliminate motion effects
  • Brilliant MR and PET images through gating tools that freeze motion
  • MR based PET gating information helps improve the quality of PET images
  • Important for imaging moving organs like the liver  


Temporal co-registration

  • Helps ensure a better understanding of physiologic processes
  • Capturing metabolic and functional processes at the exact same time
  • Precise and accurate assessment of disease

Seamless exams by thorough integration: one exam – one room – one whole body solution

Siting one system instead of two presents significant business benefits while patients and staff alike enjoy the benefits of shorter, more comprehensive exams.

One streamlined exam boosts your productivity

  • Shortened acquisition times
  • Two exams in one can help lead to to faster diagnoses
  • Faster results for referring physicians


Shorter exams and low radiation exposure

  • Position once for both MR and PET exams
  • No coil changing or repositioning, thanks to Tim integrated coil technology
  • Reduced radiation exposure compared to other imaging modalities.


Significant reduction of costs

  • One room for MR and PET
  • One cooling system
  • One operator
  • Potential for more patients per day

Wider views by realizing potential: unlock medical applications and advance research

Simultaneous, whole-body MR and PET creates a synergy far beyond the capabilities of each. One that will unlock new medical applications now, and advance new areas of research in the future.

Be at the frontier of diagnostics and research with Biograph mMR

  • Meet the needs of demanding high-end research
  • Use synergies in routine clinical application
  • Supports you in all aspects of MR and PET development
  • New opportunities in the areas of funding, grants, donations, and publishing
  • Attract the attention of referring physicians
  • Differentiate your facility in a powerful way

Biograph mMR Customer Videos

Biograph mMR is being utilized in research and clinical routine. Three new customer movies nicely show this.

Pamela Woodard from Washington University (St. Louis, MO, USA) and Dr. S K Sogani from Apollo Hospital (New Delhi, India) – both sharing their experiences with the mMR in their specific setting.

New Delhi, India

St. Louis, MO, USA

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