MR images of flowers and Tim sports images

Heike Weh of Siemens MR made 12 artistic images of flowers on a 3T MAGNETOM Skyra using a T1-weighted TIRM sequence.
The flowers had Gd for one day to enhance the fine details. High resolution images (512 x 512) have been acquired using the 32-channel head coil. Postprocessing was done using thin MIP (maximum intensity projection) or VRT (volume rendering technique) for the coloured images.

Download the images for your PowerPoint presentations or use the high-resolution files to print your T-Shirt.

Tim is on the move

Around the world, Tim (Total imaging matrix) technology has become a standard in MRI. With thousands of installations, this is proven every day. Download the sprinter, the cyclist or the gymnast for your PowerPoint presentations or use the images to print your T-Shirt.