Embrace human nature

MAGNETOM Vida with BioMatrix

Overcoming variability in MRI

Patients have unique, individual characteristics. Different physiologies and anatomies – but also the way we interact with them and technology – cause unwanted variability. This variability poses a challenge in MRI and needs to be addressed in order to truly personalize MRI. To turn this challenge into an opportunity, we must think differently. Instead of adapting human variability to technology, we adapt technology to humans. We do this by embracing their individual nature – with MAGNETOM Vida1 and BioMatrix Technology.

Embrace human nature with MAGNETOM Vida and BioMatrix

MAGNETOM Vida – the first 3T MRI scanner with BioMatrix Technology – embraces human nature and the unique set of challenges that each patient brings to the MRI exam. By embracing these challenges, we overcome patient variability – ushering a paradigm shift in MRI. The outcome: consistent imaging for each and every patient. MAGNETOM Vida with BioMatrix Technology will serve the increasing demands in the high-end clinical routine as well as clinical research. By embracing human nature, BioMatrix enables fewer rescans, predictable scheduling and consistent, high-quality personalized exams.

Discover how BioMatrix embraces Heather, Mike and Kofi

Heather embraced her respiratory challenges. Mike embraced this body size. Kofi embraced his chronic pain. They all embraced their challenges. See how the new BioMatrix Technology embraces them.

1510(k) pending. The product is still under development and not commercially available yet. Its future availability cannot be ensured.