syngo.via for Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

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Our goal is to enable you to process, read, and share your MR images faster and easier.

My cases – ready.

syngo.via automatically prepares your cases for reading and guides you step-by-step – tailored to the individual disease.

"The indication-specific workflows help to establish quality and best practice standards. It will increase diagnostic quality while using less time."2
Dr. Markus Lentschig
Partner and Radiologist at ZEMODI – Center for Modern Diagnostics
Bremen, Germany

Start your Engines!

syngo.via applications for cardiovascular, oncology, neurology, and routine cases are also available bundled in our corresponding syngo.via Engines.

A few highlights of our syngo.via MR Engines:


Routine Cases

  • Automated Case Preparation
  • 2D and 3D integrated
  • Fast and easy findings navigation
  • Easy customization of workflows “ad hoc”
  • Combination of different workflows per drag and drop


Oncology Cases

  • Synchronized, dedicated layouts for oncological questions
  • Automatically sorted from soft tissue to bone contrast
  • Semi-automated 3D lesion segmentation
  • Dedicated oncology findings and reports
  • Chemical Shift Imaging (CSI) and Single Voxel Spectroscopy (SVS)
  • Automatic selection of poor quality voxels in Spectroscopy


Neurology Cases

  • Fast calculation of color maps and 3D processing support
  • Local AIF and perfusion-diffusion-mismatch evaluation seamlessly integrated
  • Structured and standardized stroke report
  • BOLD Datasets are selected automatically and registered across sessions in fMRI


Cardiovascular cases

  • All relevant information in one combined, anatomically linked view
  • Automatic segmentation and editing with MR Cardiac 4D Ventricular Function
  • Navigation through time and space with MR TimCT Angio and MR Angio TWIST
  • One click Vessel Segmentation in Flow Evaluation

Ready to review

  • When opening a case, images are already prepared and presented in the application needed
  • Find them sorted in the preferred viewing layout
  • Preprocessed for the individual disease 

Ready to read

  • With syngo.via you can easily follow a structured workflow
  • All measurements and findings are automatically tracked and listed
  • All data is available when needed

Fast localization of the same point in all series:

Ready to report

  • With syngo.via, you can create disease-specific reports quickly

My images – networked.

syngo.via speeds the way you connect and share information with your clinical partners and patients anywhere1 – even on the go1.

Networked for speed

  • Sent from modalities of all major vendors, images are instantly on your screen
  • Obtain images at a reading workplace, in a different department, in your office, at home...
  • If you use syngo.plaza PACS, they are available in syngo.via without a single click

Networked for mobility

  • Images are available anywhere
  • You can access them securely, share them with colleagues, and show them to patients

Networked for sharing

  • It’s simple to show images to colleagues, even during clinical rounds and discussions
  • Pointing out a finding takes only a click
  • Clinical information is collected in a tailored report for better communication


Be more flexible with syngo.via Mobile Applications

  • Access anywhere with syngo.via WebReport and WebViewer

Have more time for your patients with the syngo.via Networked Scanner

The Networked Scanner means less time dealing with distractions and more time focusing on patients. Together with Dot and syngo.via, it can transform the technologist workplace.

Unique guidance for planning, scanning, and processing

  • Direct Protocol Transfer - configure patient-specific protocols quickly and easily
  • Protocol Management - with just one mouse click, access protocols from anywhere1 on the network
  • Direct Image Transfer - answer all questions regarding a scan directly from your office

Find out more in our Networked Scanner video feature and in our Case study Networked Scanner 1.1 MB.

My needs – anticipated.

The syngo.via service offering helps you to keep up with innovations, get integrated services and rely on predictable costs now and in the future.

Anticipated innovation, availability and cost control

  • Access new applications and stay at the edge of innovation
  • Professional support from one partner - whenever it fits your schedule
  • Clear service agreements - foreseeable costs, full planning security, and long-term system profitability

Siemens IT Care Plan – anticipation through knowledge

  • Primary Contact - personal support from someone who knows you
  • Application Support - targeted support when you need it
  • Fast Response Time - immediate support resolves issues instantly
  • System Monitoring - to increase availability of syngo.via
  • Updates and Upgrades – keeping syngo.via state-of-the-art

Find out more about your Siemens IT Care Plan for syngo.via.

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1Prerequisites include: internet connection to clinical network, DICOM compliance, meeting of minimum hardware requirements and adherence to local data security regulations.

2The statements by Siemens’ customers described herein are based on results that were achieved in the customer's unique setting. Since there is no "typical" hospital and many variables exist (e.g., hospital size, case mix, level of IT adoption) there can be no guarantee that other customers will achieve the same results.