PFA-100 System

PFA-100 System
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The PFA-100 System has become the new standard for detection of platelet dysfunction. The PFA-100 Analyzer quickly and easily measures platelet plug formation in a small, whole blood sample (<1 mL) and reports a ”Closure Time” in 5-8 minutes. It is a unique system that challenges platelets under high shear flow conditions similar to the physiologic environment in which platelets normally function. It detects inherited-, acquired- or induced- platelet dysfunction by uniquely simulating, in vitro, the function of platelets in Primary Hemostasis.

A Model of Efficiency:

  • Accurate detection of inherited, acquired or induced platelet dysfunction under high-shear stress
  • Sensitive to quantitative and qualitative abnormalities of VWD in both plasma and platelets
  • Simple, rapid and precise assessment of platelet function


Test Menu:

  • Collagen/Epinephrine and Collagen/ADP test cartridges



  • Easy to use - self-contained disposable test cartridges
  • Fast - delivers quantitative results within 5 to 8 minutes
  • Cost savings - minimal sample manipulation and maintenance required


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