The Luminos dRF

The only 2-in-1 system with Human Touch Technology

The Luminos dRF
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The new Luminos dRF
The new Luminos dRF

The only 2-in-1 system for fluoroscopy and radiography with Human Touch Technology.

The new Luminos dRF
Brilliant imaging with reduced dose

Luminos dRF has a large 43 cm x 43 cm flat detector for fluoroscopy and high-resolution radiography. Combining this with Siemens unique image processing and the CARE features results in brilliant images with reduced dose for patients and staff.

Easy patient transfer to the table

With a lowest table height of just 48 cm, patient transfer is easier than ever.

Luminos dRF customer testimonial

Riddle Memorial Hospital is experiencing outstanding image quality and improved workflow using the Luminos dRF fluoroscopy system.

Advanced clinical applications

The system easily handles a wide range of dynamic procedures.

Siemens championed the world’s first 2-in-1 system for radiography and fluoroscopy – Luminos dRF. Driven by our passion for innovation we introduce: The new Luminos dRF with Human Touch Technology. We build on a winning team and strive to reach your goals in image quality, flexibility, efficiency and security in your investment.

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