Professional Service Requests through LifeNet

What is a Professional Service Request (PSR)?
A Professional Service Request (PSR) is a custom work request that you can submit to Siemens through our LifeNet Website to help you implement, design and optimize your Workflow and get the right solutions to achieve your business goals.

Examples of Commonly Requested PSRs:

syngo® Workflow SLR Consulting and Optimization Services

1. Consulting Services – On Site/Off Site:
2. Data Extract Billing:
3. Third Party Data Extract:
4. Report Radiology Management:
5. Onsite Education:

syngo® Workflow SLR Integration Programming

1. Inbound Result Interface:
2. Outbound ADT, Order, Status, and Result Interfaces:
3. Inbound ADT/Order Interface:
4. Change Order Interface Processing:
5. Inbound/Outbound Image URL Processing:

syngo® Workflow SLR Application Programming

1. Disaster Recovery:
2. ICD-10 Code Downloads:
3. Advanced System Administration Training: (Not Available for Hosted Customers):
4. Secure FTP:
5. Data Import/Export/Manipulation:

syngo® Workflow SLR Interactive Documents / Clinical Alerts/Electronic Signature

Siemens can help in the design and creation of critical patient data collection at specified points in the patient workflow. Advantages include:

  1. Allows the site to go to a paperless workflow.
  2. Allows the site to capture custom information at a specific point of care and can prohibit the user from moving forward without completing the documentation.
  3. Can create custom drop downs to ensure standardization of data entry.
  4. Can use logic to control prompts based on prior responses to make data entry more efficient.
  5. Can alter the form at any time as requirements change.
  6. Allows electronic signature of the form up to 4 people (1 patient/guardian, and 3 others).
  7. Allows data capture that can then be sent to other systems (e.g. PowerScribe 360, NightHawk, PACS, EMR) via OBX segments, Z-segments, or can send the full, completed document via FTP for final historical reference.

Customers now can visit our LifeNet Website to learn more about our Commonly Requested PSRs as well as have the ability to submit a PSR through LifeNet from the “Home” and “Service Support” tabs. To access LifeNet, click here.

Should you require support entering a PSR through LifeNet, please contact the LifeNet support team at 1-800-888-7436, Option 4 or via email


For more information, please download the brochure on the right under Downloads.