MR Standardized Assessment

MR Standardized Assessment
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Improve your Staff’s Knowledge of MRI Principles
Introducing a standardized assessment and training program for technologists

Ensure you are achieving consistent results across technologists and shifts with the new CT MIC Standardized Assessment Program. Consistency in CT principles improves your staff’s skillset, reduces the need for repeat exams, and ensures greater departmental efficiency.


Siemens Healthcare, in collaboration with MIC, introduces the only Standardized Assessment Program for CT technologists in the industry. Offering a peer review process for technologists, this program includes a pre-assessment, a formalized report, relevant training as needed, and a post-assessment.

Ensure Your Staff Members Have the Knowledge They Need
Obtain a better understanding of your staff’s skillset, address those areas of improvement, and support higher levels of safety.

Program Offerings

Pre-Assessment: Check Your Staff’s Knowledge Base
Are all the members of your staff adequately knowledgeable and trained in MRI principles? Knowing the answer to this question, and addressing the needs of those members who might be less experienced or show some gaps, can help you achieve higher levels of departmental efficiency.

Using a standardized test, technologists will be preassessed in key areas you’ve identified. Upon completing the pre-assessment, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing the staff’s knowledge level and comparing results across your staff members.


Training and Post-Assessment: Establish Consistency across Shifts
For staff members who need additional training, we offer the comprehensive StudyModules® from MIC’s MRI Registry Review Program™. Technologists can enroll in the registry review program to engage in needed self-paced didactic content. They will receive the information they need to increase confidence and improve satisfaction and ensure more consistent MRI quality across the department.

Training participants earn valuable category A Continuing Education (CE) credits that are acknowledged by the AART and NMTCB toward the fulfillment of their CE mandate. And, each StudyModule includes a comprehensive posttest assessment.


With the MRI Standardized Assessment, you will be able to:

  • Quantify and assess the gaps in MRI principle knowledge that may exist within your department.
  • Easily identify areas to strengthen and improve MRI principles.
  • Mitigate differences in skills set for consistent image quality across the department.
  • More targeted training to support higher levels of patient scanning techniques to reduce callbacks.


Gain an Increased Level in MRI Principles
A broad spectrum of topics in MRI is included, covering the physical principles, technology, clinical applications, and workflow logistics:

  • Fundamentals of MRI
  • MRI Pulse Sequences
  • MRI Imaging Parameters
  • Safety and patient care