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Web-based Training

A web-based training is a self-paced online learning which is approximately 30 to 60 minutes in duration. It is a convenient way to receive continuing education credits, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, when, where, and how you need it.


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Virtual Instructor-led Training

A virtual instructor-led training is a Category A accredited online class which is 60-90 minutes in duration. In an interactive virtual classroom environment you will receive high-quality training delivered by an experienced Siemens Clinical Education Specialist.


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Web-based Training

3D Basic Concepts


ACR Accreditation Hints and Tips for Biograph™

ACR Accreditation Hints and Tips for ECAT


Basic Principles of PET


Benefits in Mycardial Bloodflow Estimation in PET imaging


Biograph HI-REZ Upgrade


Biograph mCT VG40 Upgrade


Biograph mCT VG50 Upgrade

Cardiac Imaging for PET and PET•CT


CARE Dose 4D 


Fundamentals of Multislice Cardiac CT


Gynecologic Cancer and PET•CT


How the Clinical Capabilities of My System Impact the Overall Business


ICANL: Preparing for 2012


Implementing a PET/CT Program


Introduction to Biograph and PET·CT (WBT Series)Part 1: Biograph Overview


Introduction to Biograph and PET·CT (WBT Series)Part 2: Biograph Quality Control


Introduction to Biograph and PET·CT (WBT Series)Part 3: syngo MI Acquisition Workplace


Introduction to Biograph and PET·CT (WBT Series)Part 4: syngo Patient Browser


Introduction to Biograph and PET·CT (WBT Series)Part 5: TrueD Basic Application


Into to CT


Introduction to syngo® MI Apps (e.soft): Part 1 - syngo® MI Apps Overview


Introduction to syngo® MI Apps (e.soft); Part 2 - syngo® MI Apps Acquisition Activities


Introduction to syngo MI Apps (e.soft), Part 3: Processing Workflows


Introduction to MI Apps (e.soft), Part 4 - Flexible Display, Hardcopy Activity and Completion Setup

Introduction to MI Apps Part 5: syngo Patient Browser and Data Management

Introduction to PET and PET•CT Artifacts


Limiting Radiation Exposure


Molecular Imaging with SPECT•CT Image Formation  


Overcoming Obstacles with PET and PET•CT 


Patient Prep for the Picture Perfect PET


PET F18 Bone Imaging (WBT 35 min)


PET Imaging in Neurology


PET List Mode – Update 2009


PET Physics and Instrumentation


PET•SPECT and Hybrid-Image Quality Solutions


Radiation Therapy Planning: All You Need to Know


Renal Scintigraphy 


SPECT Imaging – A Clinical Overview


SPECT•CT and PET•CT: When to Use IV and Oral Contrast


Staying Ahead of the Game with Clinical Education


syngo.via MI Cardiology (WBT 15MIN)

Women's Trends in Colorectal Cancer - A Female Perspective


Workstream 4D and Advanced 3D Post-Processing

Virtual Instructor-led Training

Introduction to MI Apps

Class Description:
This virtual instructor-led training is geared towards the customer who is new to Siemens SPECT systems and has no experience using the MI Apps software. This tutorial will give the user a high level overview of the software and its main components and familiarize the user with new terms and how the system is used in your clinical practice.

SPECT MI Apps Series Arithmetic
Class Description:
This 1-hour virtual instructor-led training (VILT) will assist the user in the navigation of the Series Arithmetic Activity in the MI Applications software. This activity is used to perform frame mathematics on one or more series and the results can be saved as a new series. The topics that will be covered in this VILT include the purpose of the activity, the workflow templates used, types of data supported, review of the user interface, using a constant, frame arithmetic, creating a composite, extracting and merging static series.


syngo® Image Fusion
Class Description:
This virtual instructor-led e.class is for new users of hybrid systems who want to know how to use the 3D task card to view images and perform image fusion. This class will assist the user in understanding how the 3D task card can be used to improve workflow and diagnosis.


Basic 3D Post-Processing
Class Description:
This virtual instructor-led e.class is designed to refresh, instruct, and familiarize customers with 3D post-processing basics and programs and will supply the CT technologist, with general 3D post-processing techniques as available on the 3D task card of the Acquisition Workplace (Navigator), the syngo® CT Workplace (Wizard), and the syngo® MultiModality Workplace (MMWP).