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Optimize 3T Imaging Program—Siemens’ unparalleled training solution for 3T imaging—equips radiologists and technologists with the basic fundamentals and advanced competencies essential to their becoming 3T imaging experts.

With shorter scan times and enhanced image quality, Siemens 3T systems have the potential to improve patient care and increase physician referrals for hospitals and imaging facilities. So it’s no secret that your Siemens 3T system can serve as a major source of revenue for your organization.


But in order to unleash the power of your 3T system—and thereby receive a return on your investment—your technologists and radiologists must be trained to optimize the protocols and
features specific to 3T systems.

Specific Skills for an Advanced System

Did you know that operating a 3T system like a 1.5T system compromises image quality and diagnostic value? Your staff members may already know how to use a 1.5T system, but the skills required to master 3T imaging are unique due to the technical complexity of 3T systems. Operating your Siemens 3T system like a 1.5T system will lead to inappropriate parameter selections and poor image quality.


Because of this, we designed a 3T training program that targets ineffective imaging techniques and provides comprehensive solutions for achieving optimal image quality.


Want to unleash the clinical and financial potential of your 3T imaging investment? Optimize 3T Imaging Program is here to help.


Delivered through Web-Based Trainings and an Onsite Workshop, this training program helps your staff gain the ability to identify and understand the clinical benefits of 3T imaging, optimize sequences to reduce exam times and utilize the superior imaging capabilities of your Siemens 3T system.

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Optimize 3T Imaging Program was created to help your institution experience the full benefits of your Siemens 3T system—from more timely and accurate diagnoses to a return on investment.

To learn more about this program and how Siemens can help you unleash the power of your 3T investment, call 1-888-221-8010, option 1,4 or email us at