CT Standardized Assessment

CT Standardized Assessment
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Pre-Assessment: Check Your Staff’s Knowledge Base
Are all the members of your staff adequately knowledgeable and trained in CT principles? Knowing the answer to this question, and addressing the needs of those members who might be less experienced or show some gaps, can help you achieve higher levels of departmental efficiency.


Using a standardized test, technologists will be pre-assessed in key areas of CT fundamentals. Upon completing the pre-assessment, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing the staff’s knowledge level and comparing results across your staff members.


Training and Post-Assessment: Establish Consistency across Shifts
For staff members who need additional training, we offer a CT Essentials classroom course or onsite workshop. This course provides a comprehensive review of CT basics, including scanner hardware, image creation, image
quality and physics, patient handling/safety, exam procedures and anatomy. With this vendor-neutral course, you’ll have access to a broad learning approach that allows you to accomplish your education objectives. In return, you can expect a stronger sense of confidence in your CT skills, all based on the critically-acclaimed MIC CT Registry Review, that will help you in your daily routines. The course is for technologists who wish to increase their competency of CT fundamentals, and for those preparing for the ARRT CT Registry exam.