Consultation Program Series

Consultation Program Series
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Optimize CARE CT consists of two innovative program offerings:

Optimize CARE CT - Low Dose Education

Optimize CARE CT - Advanced with Consulting


Optimize CARE CT - Low Dose Education 

  • A comprehensive understanding of dose awareness, utilization, protocol, and optimization on your SOMATOM CT scanner.
  • Main objectives are to review dose reduction strategies, demonstrate adaptation of CT parameters to the ALARA principle, and keeping dose as low as possible while maintaining necessary image quality.


Optimize CARE CT- Advanced with Consulting* 

  • Allows you to further your dose reduction in routine CT examinations through a collaborative approach between your staff and an onsite Clinical Education Specialist.
  • Offers an in-depth analysis of your baseline CT dose performance, including a review of the findings and department-specific recommendations for dose reduction.

Optimize CARE CT should be utilized after your staff achieves stable clinical protocols and operative status at the scanner. For the advanced with consulting program, we recommend a period of 6-12 months after initial system education

* The Advanced with Consulting program offering must be purchased in combination with the Low Dose Education offering.