Drug Courts and Criminal Justice

Turn to the Experts for What Matters Most

With a 40-year history in drug-testing expertise, Syva® drug-testing products have the only citation as a defensible technology in a Supreme Court ruling1. In the criminal justice environment, wrong answers can have dire consequences for your defendant, program, or facility. Be confident in your drug test results with a Syva solution in your facility, and break free of budget and funding constraints.

Watch how the Siemens drug testing products deliver sustainable solutions for your program.

Watch how the Viva-E Drug Testing System can meet your drug testing needs

Components to an Effective Testing Program

  • Streamlined Efficiency: Reduce manual labor and paperwork by utilizing the automation solutions from Siemens. Many drug court and criminal justice programs are limited in staff. Utilizing automation can greatly decrease the time for manual labor; decrease test result turn around time; and increase overall program efficiency.
  • Confident Decisions: Using automation in drug testing can drastically reduce the number of errors that occur from subjective interpretation of test results and manual transcription of data. An automated urine drug-screening analyzer and WinTox® software for electronic tracking of test results greatly removes the chances for human error.
  • Simplicity: The Siemens solution for drug courts is an extremely simple concept. From collection cup to result, testing is a simple three-step process
         • Order the tests that you would like through the WinTox® software

          • Load the sample on the analyzer and run the tests

          • Reject or accept the test results.

All of the testing is automated so there is no subjective reading of results. All staff is trained in an off-site or on-site training and certification program.  

  • Sustainability: Siemens products can help you achieve financial independence from constantly shrinking budgets and grants. The cost-effective solutions allow a program to generate revenue and become 100% self-sufficient. Net revenues can be applied towards expansion and other community programs.
  • Service and Partnership: Siemens offers more than just high-level customer support and service; our team works to partner with your program to accomplish individual goals. Whether your goal is to become self-sufficient or expand facilities, we can assist you every step of the way. Siemens offers 24-hour expertise in testing technology, field technical support and service, in-depth training and certification, and access to third party expertise.

Components of the Syva Solution

Instrumentation: Automated Urine Drug Screening: Siemens offers a broad range of options to meet testing volume needs. With this wide range of instruments, we can offer a platform to fit your facility. Read more about the instruments by selecting one of the links below.

Drug Testing Methods: Siemens offers a broad menu of drug tests to help meet your program’s needs, using the tried-and-true EMIT® reagent technology. Many methods are available in multiple cutoffs to suit your testing requirements.

Drugs of Abuse   
BenzodiazepinesEthyl AlcoholOpiate 
Cocaine MetaboliteLSDPhencyclidine 


Specimen Validity

pHSpecific Gravity 


  • Data Management: Siemens has partnered with Integrated Management Solutions (iMs) to provide the state-of-the-art electronic data management system Winton®, to tie drug-testing results with client case files. Facilities can now use features such as client badging for Positive Identification, and a color- based randomization tool for truly random testing schedules. Testing results are never lost, as they are automatically logged into a facility database. Reports, statistics, and tracking are easily generated by simple queries. Databases can be accessed from multiple computers in one facility, or across an entire state.



1NationalTreasuryEmployeesUnionv.VonRaab, 109 S.Ct.1384 (1989)