syngo Lab Inventory Manager

Cloud-based, multi-lab inventory management system for operational efficiency

syngo Lab Inventory Manager
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syngo® Lab Inventory Manager* (sLIM) helps improve resource utilization by providing a platform to track, manage, analyze, and order laboratory inventory.

Free staff from manual inventory management processes

With sLIM, eliminate the need for manual counting with cloud-based and RFID technologies. The system automatically tracks inventory consumption in real time, including third-party products and from multiple laboratories.

Ordering is simplified with automatic generation of reorder proposals based on inventory and customized criteria.

Improve laboratory cost efficiency

sLIM will reduce reagent waste through automatic product expiration alerts.

Emergency shipments may be prevented with low-stock notifications.

Through improved ordering processes, reduction of stock on hand is possible.

Enhance inventory management

sLIM allows you to manage inventory from any Internet-connected computer. You can also view inventory status for multiple locations from your laboratory’s sLIM website.

The intuitive, rule-based dashboard offers custom data views, providing at-a-glance consumption patterns to better control inventory levels.

Supported Consumables

Supported Consumables

Ancillary consumables

eCommerce Capabilities
Webshop interconnectivity


• E-mail ordering

• At-a-glance inventory dashboard
• Password protection for security
  and audits
• Unique roles for various laboratory
• Min, max, and critical par values
  for inventory
• Automatic creation of proposed orders

• Order creation, review, and editing
• Internal approval-routing process
• Smart product search
• Multi-lab capability
• Cross-departmental platform
• Exception-based notifications and warnings
  for critical items

Product Search by
• Product name
• Supplier part number
• GTIN (Global Trade Identification

• Product description
• Customer part number
• Only partial name, description, or number
At-a-Glance Dashboard
• Inventory traffic light (quantity of in-stock, low, and critical items)
• List and status of placed orders and pending orders
• Inventory event notifications table (order shipments, arrivals,
  backorders, and cross-site transfers)
Password Protection
• Unique logon by each user for web application and RFID handheld scanner
• Audit trail on user activities
• Untrained personnel prevented from mishandling system


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