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Value Beyond Cost
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To keep your imaging equipment up to par, service really isn’t optional. But you do have a choice of your service partner. Doesn’t it make sense to protect that investment with high-quality service? Would it be worth the risk to rely on a third-party vendor that doesn’t have the expertise of Siemens? Our service comparison worksheet lets you see how Siemens goes head-to-head with other service vendors. It’s the easiest way to know your tradeoffs before you sign a contract.


Here’s why Siemens is your best choice for service:

  • Most qualified engineers. Our service team will always have more knowledge of Siemens systems and equipment than any third-party service provider. Siemens expert engineers receive up-to-the-minute advanced training — more than 100 hours a year. As the original manufacturer, we care about your Siemens systems as much as you do.
  • Direct access to technical and applications support 24/7. Our team of highly trained experts is available around the clock to help your staff with procedure or software questions. We’re just a phone call away.
  • Customized education to optimize staff and system performance. Siemens will equip your clinical team to get the most from your equipment. We’ll tailor a flexible education program to meet staff needs and minimize schedule disruptions with the right mix of virtual, onsite or classroom training. We can also host your in-house technicians to learn alongside Siemens engineers.