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Understanding that patient safety is your top priority, now more than ever, you need every advantage you can get to deliver the best possible patient care.

Siemens educational video to explain the CMS equipment service mandate.

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CMS Mandate

In December 2013, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released memorandum SC 14-07. It requires hospitals to maintain their equipment – including imaging and radiation therapy equipment – in accordance with the original manufacturers‘ specifications. Since The Joint Commission (TJC) bases accreditation decisions on CMS standards, effective July 1, 2014 TJC adopts this standard.

Why this change? To ensure patient safety and care quality.

According to the CMS mandate, “Hospital facilities, supplies and equipment must be maintained to ensure an acceptable level of safety and quality.” Under the FDA’s oversight of medical devices, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) must continually review and update standards to ensure the equipment is serviced appropriately. So, having maintenance performed to OEM standards helps you maintain optimal image quality – and patient safety.

Alternative equipment maintenance (AEM) programs. Is there risk?

You may have heard that the mandate allows hospitals to create their own maintenance schedules. But most imaging/radiologic equipment that uses lasers or ionizing radiation is not eligible for an AEM program. Facilities thinking about an AEM program should also take into account the liability that stems from any adverse events that may arise, the complexities involved with ensuring compliance with often confusing rules, the burden of knowing and tracking different equipment technologies and the time involved to provide adequate documentation.

For equipment that fails under an OEM service contract, there is far less risk to the healthcare provider because documentation of maintenance records is the manufacturer’s responsibility.

Plus, OEMs are regulated by the FDA. Work with the manufacturer who knows your Siemens systems best. In the current environment can you afford anything less than OEM support for your compliance initiatives? 

Items to Help You Mitigate Risk of Medicaid and Medicare Certificate of Participation Loss

Facilities found to be out of compliance with CMS or TJC requirements can pay a high price including financial penalties, sanctions (such as suspension of marketing, enrollment or payment). Most significant are the loss of accreditation and/or loss of your Medicaid and Medicare Certificate of Participation (CoP) and the associated reimbursement you rely on.

Service Date Reminder Cards

Download or ask your Siemens Service Representative for a supply. Post in your department to remind you of when your next Service visit is due.

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CMS Fact Sheet

Download this informational brochure regarding the mandate with FAQs