The transducer: a substantial investment in the overall ultrasound solution.

Transducer repair/replacement
Certified Transducer Repair

Transducers are sophisticated diagnostic tools that occasionally malfunction from age and misuse.If a full service contract is not an option to protect your transducers, we now offer a solution for the repair/replacement of your Siemens Healthineers transducers.

What do I get?
A transducer-only agreement includes a certified Siemens Healthineers repaired transducer to replace your damaged transducer. The certified repaired replacement includes next day delivery* , 6-month warranty, and 100% guarantee.


To support your compliance efforts, ACR accreditation support and preventative maintenance options are available for transducer-only contracts.


Advantages Only Siemens Can Offer

When Siemens transducers are in need of service, it’s tempting to explore the lowest cost solution for repair or replacement. Consider these critical advantages only Siemens can offer:


  1. Access to original materials used to manufacture the Siemens transducer
    Ultrasound transducers consist of many layers of materials, which are chosen for their acoustic, electrical and adhesive properties. Siemens is uniquely suited to repair its transducers to ensure retention of the intended acoustic properties without degradation due to delamination or corrosion.
  2. Knowledge of Siemens original test specifications
    Only Siemens has detailed knowledge of the original transducer test specifications developed by the engineers who designed both the transducer and software and architecture on the ultrasound systems imaging with those transducers. Siemens is positioned to accurately assess critical elements of image quality such as resolution, penetration, and harmonic performance. 


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* Principal coverage period is 8am-5pm ET. Typical ordering requirement is 6pm ET.