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syngo.via Service - Features & Benefits

Whatever your application, workflow, or IT requirements are – with Siemens IT Care Plan for syngo®.via, you receive service and support that mirrors your needs and workflows to help you tap the full potential of your syngo.via. Protecting your established or prospective investments in syngo.via is your goal and we are here to help you reach it. With its customer-tailored services, Siemens IT Care Plan helps you to maximize the benefits of your investments.

Taking care of your investment and your innovations

As your syngo.via service and support, the Siemens IT Care Plan lets you focus on your core business by:

  • Enabling you to keep your syngo.via core functionality and applications state-of-the-art – automatically.
  • Providing services that mirror your needs – and your workflow.
  • Helping to make budget planning easy – with predictable costs.

Primary Contact - more than service – a true partnership

  • A Primary Contact who has in-depth knowledge of your installation and working environment.
  • Quick initiation of required measures thanks to direct contact.
  • A partnership based on certified processes in your sensitive patient data environment.
  • A partner you can trust – we offer services that fit you.

Application Support - real-time - real support - real results

  • Let your experts talk to ours – and get high-quality service.
  • Our experts can answer even rarely occurring application questions and provide support via desktop sharing in real time.
  • Your administrators receive training tools that that are based on our experience and comprehensive expertise.

Fast Response Time – better use of resources – increased patient satisfaction

  • Predefined Remote Response Time instead of the next business day without service agreement.
  • Immediate and direct connection to our syngo.via experts without delay.
  • Improved efficiency – better use of resources since wait times are kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Increased patient satisfaction because treatment can start on time.

System Monitoring - keep your systems up and running – at all times

  • Proactively avoid malfunctions or unplanned system downtime.
  • Early recognition of potential system errors and unplanned system downtimes.
  • The ability to stay on schedule, as costly workflow interruptions are kept to a minimum.
  • Error messages from your systems never go unnoticed.

Software Updates and Upgrades – Working with the latest innovations – increasing efficiency

  • syngo.via is kept up-to-date – future applications will smoothly be integrated.
  • Latest image management and reporting software help to optimize your workflow.
  • Greater profitability, increased efficiency, and enhanced productivity.
  • Longer investment cycles – financial resources can be saved.

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