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Multi-vendor Services
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Managed Services

Integrated Service Management

From servicing and compliance to training and optimization, Siemens offers a customized, cost-efficient partnership to manage every aspect of your imaging and diagnostic equipment – regardless of the manufacturer. We tackle present challenges while making your potential reality – smoother workflow, a tighter rein on expenses, greater transparency, more specialized training, and the right strategic plan. More than just a service provider, Siemens is a service partner dedicated to maximizing your vision. 

Comprehensive Service

Operating a healthcare institution is complicated enough, especially managing technical service delivery on diagnostic and biomedical equipment from multiple manufacturers. 


Partnering with a single, capable provider to orchestrate service for all of it can save cost, improve performance and relieve stress. It simply makes sense. 


Integrated Service Management (ISM) replaces the unmanageable tangle of service contracts and providers with a single service contract, a single service management solution. 


For all your diagnostic and biomedical equipment, no matter the manufacturer. It simply makes sense. 

See first hand how customers have benefited from ISMs comprehensive service.

Customizable Program

Your institution is exactly like no other. The last thing you need is a cookie cutter service program. Converting from multiple service providers to a single one—or for that matter changing single-source service providers—represents an opportunity to get it right, to find the service solution that best fits your institution.
Integrated Service Management (ISM) carefully fits a program to your institution.
Multi-unit healthcare system, large hospital, community hospital—it makes no difference. Because Siemens ISM makes management options, service levels and contracts customer-specific, to meet the exact needs of your institution.


See first hand how customers have benefited from ISMs flexible service.

Superior Reporting

Knowledge is power. When you understand the details of your equipment’s performance, you have the power to maintain it effectively today and prepare for tomorrow. Result: improved workflow, patient safety and better overall business results.


One of ISM’s most powerful tools is ARCHIBUS, Siemens’ comprehensive service management and reporting software. In the hands of the Client Service Manager, ARCHIBUS controls and analyzes a mass of data to create customized reports that detail the performance history of your equipment. ARCHIBUS enables the ability to plot trends department-by-department, modality-by-modality, piece-by-piece, month-by-month.


See first hand how customers have benefited from ISMs superior reporting.

Rapid Deployment

No matter how well planned the service and maintenance schedule, situations may arise that demand attention. At times like those, success rests on the ability to deploy service quickly. The entire Siemens service organization, orchestrated by your Client Service Manager, is there when you need help, whenever the need arises.


When another vendor’s equipment requires repair, we don’t hesitate to make the determination to call in the experts, regardless of cost to us. We manage that entire process for you, because that is Siemens ISM’s expertise and commitment. And the UPTIME Service Center represents an enormous infrastructure to support rapid service deployment.


See first hand how customers have benefited from ISMs rapid deployment.

Why Integrated Service Management?

Features and Benefits:
A partner that shares your vision

The stakes have never been higher for healthcare facilities to find cost efficiencies, optimize service delivery and build reputation. Siemens helps you achieve this vision, so you can focus on what matters most – patient care. We do more than just repair your equipment – we help drive performance and productivity.

For all your imaging and diagnostic equipment:

  • Dedicated Client Service Manager – Your single point of contact with the technical expertise to boost efficiencies.
  • Rapid triage and repair process – Whether it’s Siemens equipment or another manufacturer’s, we commit to providing you a diagnosis and service plan within four hours of arriving on-site.
  • Clinical workflow consulting – We help you uncover more opportunities to increase efficiencies, enhance clinical performance and optimize facility design.
  • Customized service – We custom-build a program that is tailored to your unique needs with scalable options for any size facility.


Specifically for Siemens equipment:


  • Predictive remote monitoring – The Guardian Program™ predicts and prevents problems before they happen. It has reduced unplanned downtime by as much as 70%.
  • Utilization reporting and benchmarking – Meaningful performance analytics reveal new opportunities to cut inefficiencies and maximize productivity.
  • Remote repair capability – With Siemens Remote Service, we make a large percentage of our repairs remotely — without making customers wait on a service call.
  • Reliable, manufacturer-guaranteed parts – Guaranteed Siemens ISO 9001-certified parts help minimize downtime.
  • Obsolescence protection with syngo® Evolve™ – Get automatic updates on software and hardware to ensure continued maximum imaging quality for the life of the system (up to two).


Ready to get started? Before you even sign a contract with us, our consultants will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your facility and all your equipment. We can show you how working with Siemens Integrated Service Management can help you become a streamlined, more cost-efficient facility. Contact us today for a custom Opportunity Analysis.


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Asset Management and Tracking

Imagine always knowing the whereabouts of the closest piece of needed equipment – even knowing where and when it is most often used. Siemens Asset Management and Tracking (AMT) is a wireless radio frequency solution that continually monitors and reports real-time locations of assets. Its value lies in your increased ability to know where things are when you need them most.


Siemens AMT combines the power of Siemens healthcare expertise with ARCHIBUS® facilities management solutions and Ekahau wireless tracking technology into a comprehensive, seamless system that enables healthcare facilities to manage all assets to a degree never before possible. It’s a comprehensive asset and service management software package designed specifically for healthcare facilities.


Siemens AMT makes information and management tools available in real time through a single web portal or standard pocket PC. Each user views an interface personalized to individual preferences. Dashboard style information, as well as complete data sets, enables users to manage assets, contracts, purchasing, and service for all medical and non-medical equipment, and generate up-to-date reports wherever they are needed.


Why use Asset Management and Tracking?


  • Healthcare facilities need new ways to control rising costs of delivering healthcare. Frost & Sullivan reports that five to fifteen percent of hospital inventory is written off each year since it can no longer be located or more importantly, serviced. Some hospitals lose as much as $1 million a year in medical equipment to thefts alone.
  • One challenge in delivering quality healthcare is the ability to have the right resources at the right time in the right place. Time spent in the ER looking for an infusion pump increases risk to a patient. With AMT less time is spent trying to locate equipment, leaving more time dedicated to patient care.
  • Government agencies show up unannounced to scrutinize your care delivery, record keeping and compliance. Failure to meet compliance standards can have serious consequences. With AMT, you’ll know where equipment is for planned maintenance. And with ARCHIBUS, you’ll have the records to demonstrate compliance.

Integrated Service Management
Even if all your imaging systems aren’t from Siemens, your service should be. Our Integrated Service Management replaces multiple vendor contracts with a single comprehensive service plan to manage all of your diagnostic equipment, regardless of manufacturer. ISM customizes a program to fit your exact needs and makes management options, service levels and contracts customer-specific. Siemens ISM can save cost, improve performance and relieve stress. Our commitment to boosting your uptime translates into more scanning and greater revenue for your equipment.

Clinical Workflow Consulting

Enhancing Clinical, Operational, and Financial Outcomes by Optimizing Efficiency

Clinical Workflow Consulting goes beyond IT and medical technology. Leveraging the experience and know-how of a specialized team, we apply standards of care, performance benchmarks, and best practice processes, while leveraging technology innovations to drive outcomes. Our solutions are scalable and projects range in size and complexity to encompass everything from facilitating a reorganization or development of a specialized service line, to maximizing the return on your capital equipment investments, to collaborating on a safe, patient-centered design of a new department, hospital, or stand-alone outpatient center. These engagements can last a few weeks or span several years, but each transforms healthcare – and delivers measurable results.


Consider Clinical Workflow Consulting if you are looking to:

  • Maximize operational efficiency in a specific modality, department, hospital, or outpatient center
  • Create a patient-centered experience through an optimized facility design
  • Prepare and align an asset strategy based on current needs, future projections, and emerging technology
  • Improve patient safety by eliminating redundancy and patient hand-offs
  • Improve the continuity of patient care
  • Consolidate resources for service line development

Aligning a Strategy
A clear vision and strategy are critical to succeeding in an increasingly competitive market. Our goal is to align operations with your strategic vision to drive success. Our focus will be to optimize the interfaces between strategy, workflow, and technology to reach these goals.


Clinical and Operational Process Optimization
Our experts will support you in transforming workflows and implementing pragmatic, real-life solutions. We will start with a detailed analysis of your clinical processes to optimize services across departmental boundaries. Hard data and observation will assist in determining the “current state.” Together, a “future state” workflow will be created. Gap analysis will provide the roadmap for change actions to drive implementation. We work with you to define measures and set targets using case rate (DRG, CMG) analyses, benchmarking, and best practices. Once the new solutions have been implemented, we then check the operative results achieved by our actions.


Optimal Patient Care – Efficient Delivery
Through the course of treatment, a patient interacts with physicians, administrative staff, technologists, and nurses. From the patient's perspective, there is only one flow. Our goal is to help your organization optimize this flow – to improve efficiency, patient experience, and clinical outcomes. We work with you to help your clinical processes evolve into unique, interdisciplinary treatment paths. This is based on your own in-house standards, incorporating best practices and guidelines. Then process enablers in the form of technology, software, and facility design are analyzed to give your organization concrete recommendations for the way forward. The benefits of engaging Siemens Clinical Workflow Consultants:


  • Improved clinical outcomes
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Technology acquisition and investment recommendations that includes growth, strategy, and emerging technologies
  • Coordination and standardization of patient-centric processes: from access to discharge
  • Functional alignment and integration of clinical work processes


For specific information on types of consulting engagements offered by ISM clinical workflow click the following:

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