Guardian and ImageGuard

Guardian and ImageGuard
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Time saved in replacing a detector:3 days
Time saved in replacing a PMT:3 days
Time saved preventing a reburn:1 day


The Guardian Program including ImageGuard satisfies the needs of our customers with higher asset utilization through real-time proactive diagnostics of the entire system, including detectors.


- Achieve Reproducible Clinical Reads


Real-time monitoring of detectors and proactive resolution of detector-based imaging artifacts provides reproducible interpretation of clinical images over the system life.


- Maintain Clinical Workflow


Ability to detect early-staged deviations in detector performance provides adequate time to manage patient schedules to accommodate servicing eliminated workflow interruptions related to unplanned downtime.

- Optimize Asset Utilization


The inclusion of Guardian Program including ImageGuard with the variety of Siemens' service contract offerings provides the ability to optimize equipment utilization and limit overhead burden.

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