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Shared Service Agreements
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Siemens Shared Services is a mutually beneficial partnership that combines our experience and expertise with the resources and qualifications of your In-House team to help you achieve your strategic and clinical objectives.

  • High-level technical staff training and certification
  • Increased technical staff competency and expertise
  • Access to Siemens service tools and knowledge base
  • Faster onsite response time
  • Increased system productivity and high system availability
  • Up-to-date system
  • Optimal cost-benefit ratio
  • Improved cost transparency and better budget planning

Why Siemens Shared Service Agreements?
Governmental regulations calling for higher safety and quality standards plus the need to run healthcare with peak performance as most competitive prices have stretched human resources to the limit in many clinics and hospitals. The increasing complexity of medical systems and equipment requiring the continuous development of skills and expertise by medical and technical staff have further compounded the problem. As a result, strategic partnerships and knowledge sharing have become virtually indispensable in today’s competitive healthcare environment.

Siemens Shared Protect Plan

Service Features

In today’s ever changing marketplace, healthcare providers are constantly looking for the most cost-effective ways for their biomedical engineering departments to maintain equipment and support the delivery of superior patient care. With older equipment, there is the added dilemma of whether to keep a system under an OEM service contract, risk going with a third-party parts and service provider, or take a chance on purchasing OEM parts and expert labor on an as-needed basis. In the latter two cases, failure of a major part could result in significant downtime and very high costs.


Siemens Shared Protect Plan is a service contract designed specifically to reduce the risks associated with select systems that works with a customers’ Siemens Certified bio-med department and provides budget predictability. The Shared Protect Plan includes:

  • Required planned maintenance visit, including all parts and labor, to make sure your system is operating at its best.
  • Full spare parts coverage—including tubes and detectors*—is provided under the agreement reducing the risk of a catastrophic failure leading to significant unexpected expenses.
  • Full spare parts coverage—including tubes and detectors*—is provided under the agreement reducing the risk of a catastrophic failure leading to significant unexpected expenses.
  • Siemens Remote Services, which can often get a system up and running without having to dispatch an engineer to your site.
  • Access to Siemens Technical Support engineers if there are problems or questions.
  • Billable options for extended labor hours.



And, since Siemens is providing the parts and services, healthcare providers can expect improved system availability and reliability. Also, hospitals with Siemens Certified bio-med departments can realize significant savings in labor costs when they adopt the Siemens Shared Protect Plan*.

Depending on the system you have, a single part could cost almost $41,000 and if there are multiple parts that fail, the parts bill alone could easily run close to six figures. Shared Protect helps limit your financial exposure.

For more information about the Siemens Shared Protect Plan please email us or give us a call at 1-800-882-5533.

*Under the Siemens Shared Protect Plan, labor is billable at standard rates for customers who do not have qualifying in-house bio-med departments.

Shared Benefit Contract

The Alternative to a Full-Service Contract

For many Imaging professionals maintaining their older Siemens systems comes down to a choice between a full service contract and the risk that the cost of as-needed parts and labor will be less. It’s often a difficult decision that tries to balance equipment reliability and budget considerations with patient needs and cash-flow calculations.


What if there were a service offering that made the decision a little bit easier? Well, now there is: The Siemens Shared Benefit contract.


Created for customers who need to control maintenance costs while still getting many of the key benefits of a service contract, the Shared Benefit contract features a combination of price and service not previously available.


Shared Benefit Brochure 0.4 MB


The Siemens Shared Benefit plan is essentially broken into three phases***:

  • Contract Phase: During the contract period the customer is covered for parts and labor up to a certain dollar amount – depending on the contract terms.*
  • Billed Phase: In this stage the customer receives preferred rates on labor and has access to Siemens OEM parts service and delivery. However, there is a cap on the dollar amount for which the customer is responsible - limiting their financial exposure. **
  • Post-Cap Phase: All parts and labor are again covered.

And as long as the customer is covered by a Shared Benefit contract they have access to Siemens world-class technical and applications support lines no matter what phase they happen to be in. 

The result is that you have the reassurance of Siemens service and parts as well as the ability to better budget for maintenance expenses. With the Shared Benefit plan from Siemens you can contain the cost of routine service coverage and no longer need to worry about the cost of a possible catastrophic failure.


Something to think about.

* Excludes consumables and Glassware
** Parts are billed at list price
*** As defined in contract glossary


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