Siemens Performance Plans - Gold

Siemens Performance Plans - Gold
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Assurance that we will always be there

You need...

Dependability and high reliability are absolutely essential. You need to know that your department has the ability to operate at a consistently high standard - whatever the workload - while handling patients proficiently at all times. You need the assurance that your systems will remain state-of-the-art for as long as possible. Maintenance and repairs need to be handled quickly, efficiently, and in keeping with your busy schedule. In short you need an optimized balance between high uptime of your equipment and economical demands.

We deliver...

With the Performance Gold contract, Siemens Healthcare Customer Services delivers a comprehensive full service support package dedicated to give you a high degree of flexibility, dependability, and efficiency. Your system is checked and inspected regularly to ensure maximum up-time with minimum deterioration. There is no risk of additional, unforeseen labor costs to strain your budget. Software updates on an ongoing basis will give you access to tomorrow's technological developments, helping to prolong the life of your investment. Departmental efficiency is improved by stable image quality and customer oriented maintenance work. In the event of a system malfunction, our customer service engineer will be there fast, to get you back in operation with minimum paperwork.

Safety Inspections

To ensure compliance with all necessary safety standards

  • Tracking and scheduling of required tests
  • Mechanical safety (e.g. mechanical movements)
  • Electrical safety (e.g. leakage currents, insulation)
  • Selected country-specific tests (e.g. radiation checks)
  • Full professional documentation of each inspection

Planned Maintenance

Scheduled, customer-oriented maintenance to maintain peak system reliability, increase system longevity and avoid downtime. Benefits include:

  • Control and adjustment of system parameters to factory specifications
  • Verification of specified performance and functionality
  • Exchange of wear-and-tear components
  • Lubrication and cleansing tasks
  • Supervision via remote diagnosis
  • Documentation and detailed reports on the system's condition

Quality Assurance

Regular inspections to achieve consistent, high-quality images to aid the physician in making a diagnosis without the need for repeated exposures. Benefits include:

  • Tracking and scheduling of quality assurance tasks and image quality inspection
  • Verification of specified quality parameters
  • Adjustments to factory quality specifications
  • Detailed documentation on the system's condition


Continuous updates of software and mandatory hardware to ensure that your system will remain on the cutting edge. Benefits include:

  • Continuous monitoring of available updates and system status
  • Delivery of safety updates
  • Detailed documentation on all updates

Corrective Maintenance

Direct access to our world-class service teams for fast, reliable support. Benefits include:

  • Preliminary phone diagnosis
  • Adjustments and system check
  • Safety check upon completion of repair
  • Detailed documentation on all corrective maintenance

Spare Parts

We cover all necessary spare parts (i.e., consumables and special components), and give you preferred treatment in parts delivery. Including spare parts under your service contract protects you and your budget against unexpected expenses. Benefits include:

  • Rapid delivery of OEM-approved spare parts
  • Recycling of replaced parts

Performance Guarantee

Assures maximum system availability:

  • We guarantee that the equipment will function at a minimum uptime performance level
  • We offer remedies if this uptime is not maintained

Response Time

This option reduces response time for unscheduled service calls:

  • Predefined rapid response time based on your agreement type
  • Preferred on-site support

Technical Phone Support

Gives you direct access to a specialist for fast diagnosis and technical support.

Siemens Remote Services

Our remote technologies link you to our experts via a high-speed network.

Benefits to include:

Online diagnostics, updating, autoreporting, repair and application support.


Siemens Remote Services

syngo Evolve Package

Continuous hardware and software updating and upgrading (available only for CT, MR, and Nuclear).


syngo Evolve

You also have the freedom to choose from the following options and customize the service plan to your individual needs:

X-Ray Tube Coverage

Full replacement of X-ray tubes

Relieving the Risks of Unexpected Tube Failure


Independent of exacting manufacturer's standards, it is impossible to predict the lifetime of components such as an X-ray tube. No two applications are employed in exactly the same way, and failure can be unexpected and expensive.


Siemens offers two solutions to help ensure that your investment is secured in case of an unexpected tube failure, and that your running costs remain stable and predictable.


Fixed Rate
This option greatly benefits those institutions with high patient throughput and frequent equipment use.


Load Dependent
Based on your patient throughput and scan history, you can determine the level of tube coverage, and therefore the expense.



  • Fixed, budgeted expenses
  • Reduced administrative work
  • Load dependent, flexible fees
  • Minimized risk


Special Components

Full coverage of special components against unexpected failure

Limiting the Risks of Unexpected Parts Replacement


To ensure that the unexpected failure of a high-cost component does not strain the departmental budget, Siemens offers coverage for high-cost spare parts replacement. If you buy a Siemens Performance agreement, including special components coverage, the impact of unexpected high-cost spare parts replacement is avoided. This helps you to keep your costs transparent, constant and predictable.

The following components are covered*:

  • Vacuum elements (image intensifiers, CRTs, pick-up tubes, power tubes, wave guides)
  • Detector Arrays (CCDs, flat panel detectors, CT detectors, ultrasound transducers)
  • MRI magnets
  • Nuclear-medicine detector crystals
  • Lithotripsy shock wave heads


*X-ray tube coverage is a dedicated option - please see the detailed sheet for more information

Extended Hours
Extended service hours up to 24 hours a day/ 365 days a year

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