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CMS Mandate

When your mission is delivering the best possible patient care, you need every advantage you can get, especially when it comes to compliance. Keeping up with the Joint Commission and CMS standards can feel like chasing a moving target. And now there’s a new requirement that you’ll want to know about.

Brace for Impact

Healthcare reform is now a reality, and the hospitals and imaging facilities that will thrive are taking a strategic approach to protect their mission and their equipment investment. With patient volumes expected to increase and reimbursements decreasing, you can’t afford anything less than higher levels of performance and productivity from your imaging systems.

Service Overview

Learn how Siemens Service helps deliver quality and efficient patient care. Our collective experience and innovative solutions help maximize imaging and laboratory diagnostic equipment performance. Protect your investment and maximize equipment uptime with Siemens.

Customer Care Center

One Team. One Mission. One Brand. The Siemens Service mission is to help our imaging and laboratory diagnostic customers deliver quality and efficient patient care. And our mission is now reflected in our name: Introducing the Siemens Customer Care Center.

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