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Quality Assurance
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Customer feedback improves customer service. You tell us how to improve. And we do. In order for Siemens to maintain its ISO 9001:2001 certification, we are required to pay individual attention to each customer and demonstrate continuous improvement. It’s impossible without constant customer feedback. To make sure your issues are resolved quickly and to encourage you to help Siemens continue to maximize service delivery, we offer a number of ways for you to communicate with us.

Customer Advocate Group
In cases where issues are urgent or ongoing issues require quick attention, the Customer Advocate group is accessible to all Siemens Medical Solutions customers via phone, email or standard mail. As the single point of contact for a specific issue, the Customer Advocate takes responsibility for ensuring the appropriate people within Siemens resolve it to the customer’s satisfaction as quickly as possible.


Voice of the Customer Forums
Regularly scheduled Voice of the Customer Forums provide intimate groups of customers in local areas the opportunity to meet with Siemens management for a round table discussion. General constructive criticism is encouraged, as well as information on any specific issues that need resolution. The Voice of the Customer Forum is a key venue for Siemens to learn—and respond to—customer perceptions and needs.


Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Customers are surveyed on a regular basis to determine their general level of satisfaction with Siemens Medical Services and to unearth specific issues. The surveys are used to help determine where to focus efforts on improvement and change, while specific issues flow to the Customer Advocate for prompt follow-up and resolution.


Our Service Delivery Model
Siemens Healthcare Customer Services supports customers—and their patients—with a unique infrastructure of interlinked professionals, facilities, and technologies functioning together as one seamless unit. The Siemens Service Delivery Model has hubs at the Medical Campus in Cary, North Carolina, where the Siemens Customer Care Center and Training and Development Centers are located.