Connectivity standards

The convenient network option:

One data connection - for all your systems
If you wish to connect several systems to the UPTIME Service network, we recommend the network option: with this concept, all systems are connected to the Siemens Remote Services network via router. Internal security measures and firewalls, if indicated, provide maximum security. Sophisticated encoding concepts, increased performance and higher access speeds make the router solution the connectivity concept of the future.

The single connection concept:

Modem and telephone line for your system
Our modem package is the right solution if you only want to connect individual systems to the global UPTIME Services network and do not have an internal network available. Your system is connected to the Remote Services network through its own modem and telephone line.

With the help of a remote diagnostic server, one of our specialists dials into your system from the Customer Care Center via the modem, provided you have granted access privileges. If permanent authorization has been granted, access is permitted to selected functions only and uninterrupted workflow is the objective.