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Siemens Healthcare Performance Improvement Services
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Specializing in Operational Excellence

While many other firms focus mostly on reducing costs, our patient-centric and role-specific advisory services help healthcare providers conduct assessments and identify ways to serve more patients, offer a broader range of services and improve care access and patient satisfaction – all while managing costs.

Solutions Tailored Specifically for Healthcare Culture and Environment
We are credentialed radiology technologists, nuclear medicine technologists, clinicians and technicians with business acumen.

Having held managerial roles within provider institutions ourselves, we speak your language. Through this lens, we offer recommendations that are practical, actionable, and in line with your organization’s clinical mission and unique culture.

We understand the policies, protocols and internal navigation involved in making the changes often needed to improve patient care access and quality outcomes that can in turn help you realize bottom line savings and achieve operational excellence.

Added Value

In addition to Asset & Workflow Optimization, Siemens Performance Services offers:

  • Long-term Strategic Partnership to focus on long-term sustainability
  • Clinical Education, Leadership Training, Accreditation Support
  • Asset & Facility Planning – Patient-centric strategies to improve operational efficiencies
  • Complimentary session for collaborative planning and budgeting
  • Market demographics and system utilization to determine current and future imaging needs

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Aligning a Strategy

A clear vision and strategy are critical to succeeding in an increasingly competitive market. Our goal is to align operations with your strategic vision to drive success. Our focus will be to optimize the interfaces between strategy, workflow, and technology to reach these goals.

Clinical and Operational Process Optimization

Our experts will support you in transforming workflows and implementing pragmatic, real-life solutions. We will start with a detailed analysis of your clinical processes to optimize services across departmental boundaries. Hard data and observation will assist in determining the “current state.” Together, a “future state” workflow will be created. Gap analysis will provide the roadmap for change actions to drive implementation. We work with you to define measures and set targets using case rate (DRG, CMG) analyses, benchmarking, and best practices. Once the new solutions have been implemented, we then check the operative results achieved by our actions.

Optimal Patient Care – Efficient Delivery

Through the course of treatment, a patient interacts with physicians, administrative staff, technologists, and nurses. From the patient's perspective, there is only one flow. Our goal is to help your organization optimize this flow – to improve efficiency, patient experience, and clinical outcomes. We work with you to help your clinical processes evolve into unique, interdisciplinary treatment paths. This is based on your own in-house standards, incorporating best practices and guidelines. Then process enablers in the form of technology, software, and facility design are analyzed to give your organization concrete recommendations for the way forward. The benefits of engaging Siemens Clinical Workflow Consultants:

  • Improved clinical outcomes
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Technology acquisition and investment recommendations that includes growth, strategy, and emerging technologies
  • Coordination and standardization of patient-centric processes: from access to discharge
  • Functional alignment and integration of clinical work processes