Siemens Healthcare Customer Services is the most proactive service organization in the imaging industry. We start with innovation, Siemens foundation, reflected in the unique technology and process we bring to service.

We were the first to provide real-time remote connections between our customers’ clinical environments and our own technical support professionals, enabling us to predict and prevent many service issues before they affect patient care.

The way we deliver service is unique, too: through localized field service teams, supported by a U.S.-based technical call center, training center and logistics network, engineered for speed.

Our approach is exceptionally customer-centric, powered by robust customer outreach programs such as Voice of the Customer Forums, dedicated Customer Advocates and ongoing customer satisfaction research.

No wonder Siemens Healthcare Customer Services is the first OEM to earn ISO 9001:2000 certification for service and consistent #1 rankings in industry surveys.

These unique qualities enable Siemens Healthcare Customer services to help healthcare providers maximize the value of their imaging systems.