SOMATOM go. platform

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SOMATOM go. platform
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Go for financial certainty with an all-in-one solution

To reduce or eliminate avoidable costs, SOMATOM go. scanners are designed as an all-in-one solution for an amazingly lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

This all-in-one solution begins with an attractive low initial investment thanks to the design of the scanner: The gantry-integrated computers and mobile workflow give your institution flexibility when selecting and setting up a CT room. The scanner components and underlying software algorithms were specifically chosen for reliability, remote serviceability, and extended tube lifetime.

Profit from a low initial investment and reliable components

A key aim of the overall SOMATOM go. concept was to minimize your initial cost of investment. The result is a system that makes a Siemens Healthineers CT scanner more affordable than ever. In addition, the scanner components and underlying software algorithms were specifically chosen for reliability, remote serviceability, and extended tube lifetime.

Flexible room concept

  • Save on valuable space by having scanner and workstation in one single room. By using the unique “niche” concept, for example, customers can position the console in the same room as the scanner while being perfectly safe from radiation. Thus, they can stay longer with their patients and solve any positioning problems quickly.
  • Thanks to gantry-integrated computers, you no longer need to invest in a separate control room.
  • Alternative: position the workstation outside the room or opt for the traditional control room setup


Reliable components

  • Equipped with durable components that deliver outstanding reliability to keep the scanner running smoothly for longer
  • Experts from the Siemens Healthineers Support Center provide ad hoc support whenever needed and quickly help identify and resolve any issues that might occur via Siemens Remote Service
  • Chronon® tube features a highly robust design and 8.75 MHU equivalent anode heat capacity with SAFIRE. The Chronon tube is built to surpass the performance of its predecessor.


Benefit from premium support

With SOMATOM go scanners, you can benefit from the financial confidence that comes with premium support powered by Siemens Remote Service for maintenance and remote repair, as well as access to innovative education channels1. Higher uptime, improved workflows, efficient support, easy maintenance and streamlined training.

Siemens Healthineers Remote Service and simple maintenance processes

  • Siemens remote services maximize your scanner uptime.
  • Many aspects of preventative maintenance can be done by your team to minimize downtime and simplify scanner operation
  • Affords you financial certainty from day one

Blended learning

  • Free access to a blended learning program that combines self-study training material, face-to-face training, and online learning via our PEPconnect2 platform (personalized education plan)
  • Staff training can begin even before system delivery

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1PEPconnect availability is subject to regional restrictions.