SOMATOM go. platform

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SOMATOM go. platform
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Go for visible growth with profound clinical results

The SOMATOM go. platform can therefore be an important factor in attracting more referrals and improving routine workflows. From routine oncology, neuro, and orthopedic examinations to CT angiography, the SOMATOM go.Now helps your institution expand your clinical range and grow with profound clinical results. The SOMATOM go.Up offers advanced neuro imaging, lung cancer screening, colon imaging and first-level cardiac assessment with Calcium Scoring.

Turn complex exams into CT routine
The SOMATOM go. platform helps you integrate complex exams into daily practice. You will be able to offer routine lung cancer screening, angiography, and more.

Turn complex exams into clinical routine

SOMATOM go.Up thus allows you to broaden your clinical range and grow with profound clinical results. Thanks to premium technologies, it delivers results that were previously only available on high-end scanners. In addition, SOMATOM go.Up is designed with features to support radiation therapy. With the RT Image Suite in the acquisition workstation, you gain access to easy and comfortable simulation, image assessment, and contouring in RT.

Fast and efficient routine scanning
SOMATOM go. scanners deliver the low-dose scanning that is essential for optimal patient care.

High-quality CT angiography for vascular exams
SOMATOM go. scanners allow high quality angiography exams of central and peripheral arteries with good iodine contrast, sub-millimeter slices, and precise timing. The novel High Power 80 mode delivers 400 mA at 80 kV – allowing for greater optimization of contrast media and improved image quality in comparison to 130kV scanning.

Speed and accuracy in routine neuro examinations
SOMATOM go. scanners optimize image quality and reduces dose in routine neuro examinations. The speed and accuracy of the SOMATOM go. scanners allows a crisp visualization of the supra-aortic vessels.

Broaden your portfolio in preventive care
SOMATOM go. scanners allow you to offer colon imaging and lung cancer screening as well as calcium scoring exams. With sub-millimeter collimation in every scan, it provides high spatial resolution and helps improve the detection of occult lesions. Using the Siemens exclusive Tin Filter Technology, these scanners come with a default low dose lung imaging protocol below 1 mSv.

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