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Focus on your patients

SOMATOM Scope is a space-saving, highly efficient,16-slice CT system that brings cost-effective, quality imaging wherever you need it most: the freestanding ER, the ICU, urgent care or outpatient imaging centers.

Freestanding Emergency Rooms

As a freestanding ER, your focus is on delivering premium speed, diagnostic accuracy and the ability to meaningfully interact with your care team. In order to achieve these goals, you need a partner who can provide modern imaging technology that can help your physicians expedite the clinical decision making process.

Siemens Healthcare is a single-source provider with an industry-leading portfolio of diagnostic imaging equipment and attractive financing to help you widen your clinical capabilities. We have a full complement of imaging technologies that can improve your clinical capabilities.

Our solutions optimize the total cost of ownership for your organization. We understand your needs and have specialty package pricing specifically for freestanding ER customers.

Focus on clinical excellence

SOMATOM Scope supports your daily routine while helping you strike the perfect balance between the right dose and image quality.

Image quality matters

High-quality images are essential for diagnostic confidence. SOMATOM Scope’s 24-row adaptive detector array collects 16 slices of data simultaneously, with sub-millimeter isotropic accuracy. Featuring the industry-leading Ultra Fast Ceramics (UFC) detector material, it delivers bright, crisp images thanks to its high X-ray absorption combined with extremely effective conversion of X-ray energy into visible light. Plus Iterative Reconstruction in Image Space (IRIS) delivers the same image noise reduction as raw-data model based iterative reconstruction, but in a fraction of the time – enhancing spatial resolution across a wide range of clinical applications. For the most challenging cases, Adaptive Signal Boost technology amplifies low signals when high attenuation is present – such as when imaging obese patients or patients with metal implants.

Right dose matters

Maximizing patient safety means minimizing dose, in particular when it comes to sensitive groups such as children or people requiring multiple follow-up scans. To this end, SOMATOM Scope includes a comprehensive package of Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure (CARE). It ensures patients receive the right dose for their imaging requirements. For example, CARE Dose4D delivers fully automated, organ-sensitive real-time dose modulation.

Daily routine matters

Each SOMATOM Scope scanner includes the syngo Scope one console: a workplace solution combining powerful hardware with a complete clinical application suite. WorkStream4D, for example, enables faster access to diagnostic MPRs. Vessel analysis with Automated Bone Removal assists in angiography CT workflows. And integrated Fully Assisting Scanner Technologies (FAST) expedite time-consuming processes: FAST Planning accelerates manual scan preparation by automatically applying the correct ranges, and FAST Spine delivers complex vertebrae reconstructions in just 30 seconds. Further applications include, for example, syngo.CT Neuro DSA for fast and easy neurovascular evaluation and syngo CT Oncology for advanced diagnostic oncology, staging, and followup.

Focus on cost efficiency

SOMATOM Scope keeps your costs in check: with innovative service benefits, a small footprint for optimum use of space, and features that help lower your TCO by up to 35%.1

Low operating cost matters

In an increasingly competitive healthcare environment, the pressure to cut costs has never been higher. This is where SOMATOM Scope adds tangible value with the unique eCockpit suite.

eCockpit comprises three innovative features designed to support highly economic scanner usage and reduce overhead costs. The benefits begin as soon as the scanner is turned on after extended periods of non-use. eStart gradually warms up the tube reducing wear and tear associated with cold starts. eMode automatically ensures the optimum balance of dose, efficiency and image quality – supporting cost-effective operation and reducing wear and tear. And eSleep minimizes electricity consumption while the scanner is not in use. Together, these three features can significantly reduce your TCO and help extend the scanner’s lifespan.

But that’s not all: SOMATOM Scope was designed to lower costs by minimizing overall energy consumption. The scanner delivers up to 65%1 energy savings compared to previous-generation scanners. This is ideal for lean budgets – and for a greener planet.

Small footprint matters

With space at a premium every square foot counts. With a small footprint of just 86 square feet, SOMATOM Scope is small enough to fit into virtually every room, including mobile imaging settings. It is lightweight, needs no additional support, and has low power requirements, making installation quick and easy. And with less space required for the scanner, more room is available for additional beds and equipment – so your facility can care for more patients.

Investment protection matters

Every day, you strive to offer the best-possible healthcare while making the most of your budget. Siemens supports you in this goal with unprecedented flexibility. Performance plans specially designed for SOMATOM Scope allow you to combine modules and options in line with your facility’s specific requirements. These plans provide continuous support for the scanner, including the X-ray tube, and ensure fewer interruptions for preventative maintenance. In addition, Siemens Remote Service (SRS) proactively monitors the scanner, allowing easy error identification and efficient remote repair. This cuts down on the number of on-site visits and drives down costs.

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1Results may vary. Data on file.

Siemens’ New SOMATOM CT Scanners comply with the NEMA XR-29 Smart Dose Standard. The following new Siemens SOMATOM CT scanners have demonstrated compliance with the NEMA XR-29 Smart Dose Standard: SOMATOM Force, SOMATOM Definition Flash, SOMATOM Definition Edge, SOMATOM Definition AS and AS+, SOMATOM Perspective, SOMATOM Scope, and SOMATOM Emotion.