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SOMATOM Perspective CT Scanners

The Most Economical CT in its Class

SOMATOM Perspective

SOMATOM Perspective

SOMATOM Perspective CT Scanners

    SOMATOM® Perspective is an advanced CT scanner that addresses challenges of modern healthcare without compromising your clinical results. This scanner can help manage your financial performance while allowing you to focus on easy and effective care


    Manage your financial performance

    Manage your financial performance.
    Enhance patient care affordably with a system engineered to help you reduce cost and that is supported by innovative, cost –effective service solutions.


    Widen your clinical portfolio.
    Innovative technology and system design open doors to expand your advanced CT imaging with more applications – enabling the potential for better patient care and improved daily routine.


    Ease your working day.
    SOMATOM Perspective keeps your clinical needs in view through streamlined workflow, built in efficiency features and technology innovations.

    The unique eMode allows you to operate the scanner in the most patient-friendly and financially-efficient way – with one click

    Illumination Moodlight
    Illumination Moodlight, the most evident design element of the SOMATOM Perspective, creates a comfortable environment and can easily be adjusted to personal preferences.

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