What is Dual Source Dual Energy?

What is Dual Source Dual Energy?
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Fast scan speeds supporting your entire patient load

Uncompromised speed to handle the emergency patients

Reliable, CT-based diagnosis in acute care? Within seconds? Maximum possible confidence when time is tight? Dual Source Dual Energy CT imaging without any compromises.

Data1 shows that ~74% of all acquisitions are greater than 16cm in length. Particularly in trauma cases, you may not know the full extent of injuries before CT acquisition thus making it necessary to examine larger extents of the body. Multi-spectral CT data can provide additional information to aid in critical diagnosis and you wouldn’t want to sacrifice this benefit for patients who are compromised and cannot stay still, speed is a required during multi-spectral CT acquisition. With industry leading acquisition speed, DSDE scanners are able to handle all your patients, from “typical” to “critical”. In cases of severe trauma, especially when internal bleeding is involved, complications such as shock may occur if the patient is not managed appropriately and efficiently. Speed is THE priority. Dual Source Dual Energy can help you find the right answers in less time realizing the full benefits of multi-spectral CT.
DSDE can provide: efficiency improvements with full body bone removal helping you to identify abnormalities in vascular exams; identification of bone marrow edema in acute fracture, fat emboli attributable to fracture and obscure vascular obstructions like bowel ischemia; improved conspicuity of active/acute hemorrhage while making it easier to differentiate it from calcium ; aid the diagnosis of brain hemorrhage through accurate quantification and visualization of iodine.


Identification of Vascular Abnormalities – Bowel Ischemia

DSDE has the speed for ED and trauma patients. When you scan patients presenting with abdominal pain, with DSDE acquiring multi-spectral CT can be your normal workflow, helping you to identify obscure abnormalities such as the bowel ischemia.

Calcium Suppression for the Visualization of Bone Marrow Edema in Acute Fracture

One click color-coding of bone marrow to evaluate bone bruises and diffuse tumor infiltrations.

Precise Dual Energy tissue differentiation – cardiac PBV stenosis

Dual Source delivers detailed, diagnostic cardiac images for all heart rates. When combined with dual energy, DSDE maintains the ultra-fast 66ms temporal resolution for structural imaging and allow for precise iodine quantification in the heart parenchyma.
Advanced diagnostic information due to Dual Energy. With one scan, both CTA and myocardium PBV (Perfusion Blood Volume) information are acquired without any dose penalty for dual energy acquisition.

About Improving Diagnostic Outcomes with DSCT

[The most consequential benefit of Dual Source is] Improving patient outcomes and helping us make life saving decisions. The machine delivers diagnostic imaging needed to help us save lives. I truly believe that in the acute setting. We see it day in and day out. To be able to make critical decisions in the matter of seconds, where it matters most.

Savvas Nicolaou, MD,
Associate Professor of Diagnostic Radiology,
Vice-Chair of the Undergraduate Education and Continuing Professional Development for
the UBC Department of Radiology,
Head of Emergency and Trauma Radiology at Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver, Canada

1Data evaluation period from Sept 2014 – May 2015, of 7 international SOMATOM Force sites, with > 9,000 examinations in total

The Statements by Siemens Healthineers' customers described herein are based on results that were achieved in the customer's unique setting. Since there is no "typical" hospital and many variables exist (e.g., hospital size, case mix, level of IT adoption) there can be no guarantee that other customers will achieve the same results.