Stroke Management Care

Stroke Management Care
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Can you offer...

...reliable stroke imaging services 24/7 without breaking the bank?

The most comprehensive range of CT scanners with extended volume perfusion coverage.

  • Tailor imaging based on your patient needs with extended perfusion coverage from 7–cm to full brain coverage of 15– cm and is not limited to just the high–end systems.
  • Ability to limit the perfusion coverage to help eliminate unnecessary exposure of the eyes and facilitate in decrease dose while achieving complete coverage of the supratentorial brain.
  • Perfusion imaging is as easy as native head imaging with Adaptive 4D Spiral technology — easy to learn and use, making effective 24/7 stroke imaging a reality.

Can you perform...

...quick, reliable postprocessing and analysis while allowing assessment of dynamic cerebral perfusion parameters?

Achieve the highest clinical confidence with fully-automated 3D syngo® Volume Perfusion CT Neuro

  • The guided approach of syngo® Volume Perfusion CT Neuro enables even non-routine users to achieve reliable, quantitative volume evaluation and assessment of salvageable brain tissue.
  • Integrated automated motion correction compensates for patient movements leading to more confident decision–making.
  • Differentiate between core infarct and tissue at risk with integrated 3D mismatch concept.
  • Low dose comprehensive stroke imaging without loss of diagnostic information is a reality with 80 kV protocols with 4D Noise Reduction.
  • Both the dynamic time–resolved CT angiography and perfusion can be selected from the same scan in a one–stop shopping approach.
  • Siemens unique two perfusion evaluation models enable diagnostic results, even in cases where data is not insufficient for the deconvolution algorithm.

Can you rapidly share...

...information among several clinicians, including ED physicians and neurologists?

Perfusion images are automatically converted to RGB and transferred directly into your PACS.

With syngo Expert–i, perfusion maps can be shared easily and quickly. Remote access can be granted to any PC on the network.
Perfusion results don't stay on your workstations. syngo® Volume Neuro Perfusion CT's automated process converts color maps to RGB for quick distribution and storage in your PACS system.
With syngo Security the ability to modify the acquisition protocols can be limited to the desired group of users, thereby enhancing the security of your patients.