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Emergency Department

American College of Emergency Physicians Annual Meeting
October 26 – 29, 2015
Boston, MA
Booth #1161

Innovative technology that provides results for your patients and emergency department.

The challenges in ED medicine are complex — from variations in case types to varying reimbursement and staffing issues. Answer the challenge of delivering high-quality, cost-effective care in your ED with innovative solutions from Siemens.

What: InnovatED Showcase at ACEP
When: October 26–28, 2015
Where: ACEP’s InnovatED Showcase, Trauma 1

If poor ultrasound image quality and workflows in the ED are driving you nuts, get to the Go Beyond the Basics reception in Boston!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015
6:00 p.m.–7:30 p.m.
Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel, Commonwealth Ballroom, Salon A
425 Summer Street
Boston, MA

Quick, accurate, comprehensive laboratory results

  • Reliable results in cardiac testing, in the ED or the central lab, in as little as 14 minutes — Stratus® CS Acute Care™ Diagnostic System
  • Fast, accurate, comprehensive results for whole blood samples in approximately 60 seconds — RAPIDPoint® 500 Blood Gas System.
  • HbA1c to monitor diabetes; and Albumin, Creatinine, and A:C tests for detecting early kidney disease—DCA Vantage® Analyzer.
  • Flexible connectivity solutions, data integration, and operational control to improve risk management at the point of care for urinalysis testing—CLINITEK Status® Connect System.
  • Centralized management of point-of-care testing through a single interface, streamlining workflow, reducing costs, and improving care—RAPIDComm® Data Management System.

ED Success Stories

Solutions that can increase the efficiency and quality of care in the ED exist. A Premier Research Services study found that utilization of the Stratus® CS Acute Care™ Diagnostic System can lead to reduced inpatient mortality rates, length of stay, and overall cost of care.

Faster clinical answers with CT imaging that allows head-to-toe scans in under a second without breath holding and cardiac imaging within a heartbeat. Superior technology enables dose reduction for challenging patients. The SOMATOM® Force.

Answers at the bedside with an easy-to-use ultrasound system that delivers robust high-end imaging in a compact format. With touchscreen technology and hard-key controls, staff can maximize efficiency. Highly portable with a fast boot-up time and battery option for quick, reliable visualization. The new ACUSON P500™ ultrasound system, FROSK edition.

Improved ability to read, share and store clinical images. syngo® healthcare imaging IT making workflows easier and more efficient. syngo healthcare imaging IT. Suspected injuries to the thorax and spine call for a complete and often time-consuming evaluation of the ribs. The award-winning syngo.CT Bone Reading revolutionizes rib and spine assessment by identifying and labeling the ribs and displaying the entire rib cage unfolded in a 2D view.

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