CT Cardiovascular Engine

Driving progress with the full spectrum of myocardial perfusion assessments.

CT Cardiovascular Engine
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The CT Cardiovascular Engine and CT Cardiovascular Engine Pro open up two different levels of diagnostic possibilities.

Hardware features in the CT Cardiovascular Engine 

  • HeartView for ECG-controlled data acquisition and image reconstruction
  • Cardio BestPhase for automatic best systolic and diastolic phase selection
  • Long scan ranges for whole body CT angiography

Software modules in the CT Cardiovascular Engine

Optional integrated Dual Energy features in the CT Cardiovascular Engine

Additional software modules in the CT Cardiovascular Engine Pro

Other optional features 

  • syngo.CT Cardiac Function - Valve Pilot 27.0 MB for zero-delay quantitative aortic annulus assessment
  • syngo.CT Myocardial Perfusion* for the evaluation of dynamic myocardial perfusion data
  • syngo.CT Rapid Stent Planning offers the automatic completion of manufacturer-specific stent order forms


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1Requires syngo.CT DE Direct Angio

2Requires syngo.CT DE Heart PBV

*CT Myocardial Perfusion is pending 510(k) clearance and is not commercially available in the U.S.