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10 years of Dual Source

More than 10 years ago, CT engineering had reached a plateau. Experts and engineers at Siemens CT quickly realized that simply adding more slices wouldn’t help clinicians achieve the kind of temporal resolution needed to overcome a range of imaging challenges.


In Cardiac CT, for example, high and irregular heartrates lead to undiagnostic images. You simply couldn’t scan fast enough. Siemens CT took on the challenge and concentrated on answering a simple question: Are we able to provide optimum image quality for any patient, regardless of age, size, weight, and physical condition?


The answer wasn’t easy to find, and even harder to engineer – but in 2005 , the answer was "Yes!": the birth of Dual Source CT.

In 10 years, in over 1,500 installations around the world, and in thousands of clinical cases, Dual Source scanning has proven a great advantage for clinical routines across all fields of medical imaging.


What started as an ambitious challenge became the industry’s unrivalled gold standard.


Learn more about the milestones, the clinical evidence and the practical benefits of Dual Source CT.

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