Look closer. Breast imaging with ultrasound and mammography.

Learn about our solutions for breast imaging.

Look closer. Breast imaging with ultrasound and mammography.
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A single expert partner for women’s health
With a single expert partner for all your equipment, service, and financing needs, you are well positioned to broaden your revenue base and increase your competitive edge. When you have just one contact, it reduces the time and energy you need to spend on communication and coordination. In fact, it allows you to achieve even more with your equipment ‒ and to offer patients reliable, consistent, and comprehensive breast imaging services.

Improving breast imaging services

Modalities that share a consistent user interface and can be easily interconnected improve the consistency and efficiency of breast imaging services in women’s health. Automated processes and standardization provide reproducible exams that are a sound basis for accurate follow-ups. In turn, this can lead to higher patient satisfaction, patient retention, and patient referral.1

Global service network

As an international provider backed by regional support around the globe, Siemens is on site wherever you are. Our extensive, tight-knit service network enables exceptionally fast supply and support, 24/7. So you can concentrate on what really matters – your patients.

1Since there is no “typical” hospital or clinical setting, and many variables exist (e.g., hospital size, case mix, level of IT adoption) there can be no guarantee that customers will achieve the same results.