Women and Renal Disease

Women and Renal Disease
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Caring for Women with Renal Disease
The diagnostic workup for kidney disease includes diagnostic imaging, laboratory diagnostics, and point-of-care testing to assess kidney status and detect the risk or presence of associated diseases.


Siemens Diagnostic Solutions for Renal Disease

 ADVIA Centaur® SystemsADVIA® Chemistry SystemsDimension® SystemsDimension Vista® SystemsIMMULITE® SystemsBN ProSpec® Analyzer DCA Vantage® Analyzer
Risk Assessment
AlbuminXXX X 
Cystatin CX X X 
Ig Light Chains, Type Kappa  X X 
Ig Light Chains, Type Lambda  X X 
IgG (urine)  X X 
Urea nitrogenXXX X 
α-1 Microglobulin  X X 
α-2 Macroglobulin  X X 
β-2 MicroglobulinX XXX 
Hemoglobin A1cXXX  X
HepatitisX   XX 
HIV X    X 
Intact PTHX   XX 
Lipid panelXXX   
Vitamin DX      


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